Thursday, May 14, 2015

Failed to restart mysql.service: Unit mysql.service is masked

On starting the upgrade of Openstack to Kilo, I had a problem starting the mysql/MariaDB as I kept getting an error as follows:

root@ts036953:/home/pssuser# service mysql restart
Failed to restart mysql.service: Unit mysql.service is masked.


root@ts036953:/home/pssuser# rm -r /var/lib/mysql*        # Remove any old database setup
root@ts036953:/home/pssuser# mysql_install_db -u mysql    # Install new database
root@ts036953:/home/pssuser# systemctl unmask mysql.service    # Emables the service for systemd
root@ts036953:/home/pssuser# service mysql start        # start the service.


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  2. Apparently, MySQL 5.7 deprecates mysql_install_db and suggests to use instead:

    mysqld --initialize

    It's supposed to do the same thing...

  3. unmask command solved my problem, thank you

  4. root@ts036953:/home/pssuser# mysql_install_db -u mysql # Install new database

    having error

    2017-03-19 04:56:43 [WARNING] mysql_install_db is deprecated. Please consider switching to mysqld --initialize
    2017-03-19 04:56:43 [ERROR] The data directory needs to be specified.

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  6. sudo systemctl unmask mysql.service